Be Inspired


Meet one of the most renowned, dynamic and progressive leaders of this generation. Sidoine Felix Leudjie is a self-made guru who is working hard by the hour to become one of the most remarkable personal development coaches and trainer of his generation.

Sidoine has had the vision he is gradually putting into practice over these years, to become one of those household names who rose up in their time to transform both their country and continent Africa by inspiring positive actions with emphasis on the youths. From the tender age of 12 when he started volunteering and carrying out positive impact activities, Sidoine the guru understood that the future of wealth and development belonged not to those who dreamed and complained about what was going wrong, but those who with whatever they learnt in formal school, blended this with other personal development skills to inspire and motivate both themselves and others to greater heights.

Sidoine is currently an MBA candidate at the prestigious Pan African Institute for Development West Africa and the Co-Founder of the indomitable start Up Inspiring Positive Actions  . Sidoine has over the years served in numerous capacities and conducted several trainings on personal development and organizational leadership.