Effective Time Management

IMG-20170803-WA0075  On July 22nd, 2017, I was given the privilege by Solidage Africa Foundation to coach my peers on effective time management. And here are practical tips to help you manage your time effectively.

Beyond what we perceive or what we are usually told, time management starts from the mind. Unless you are able to set your minds to be ready and become excellent at time management, you will not be effective in managing your time.


Here are mental techniques to help you manage your time effectively:



Use the power of positive affirmations, in other to be effective in time management. You need to be constantly affirm to yourself that you are excellent at time management. Tell yourself repeatedly; “I am excellent at time management”. By doing this, you are programing your sub-conscious mind and through the visualization process, you will program your sub-conscious which will send the energy of effective time management to your conscious mind and that is what you will get in real life. Remember never to forget to envision your perfect scenario. See yourself being excellent at time management and that is what you will get in return. Finally fake it until you make it. There’s no harm in pretending to be excellent in time management. If you pretend enough to be good at time management, you will eventually become effective in managing time.

Haven known how to mentally prepare yourself for effective time management, use this other techniques to effective manage your time.

Evaluate how you currently manage your time. Get a piece of paper, a pen and write out all the activities you do on a daily basis. That is from Monday to Sunday, from the moment you wake up from bed up to the moment you get to sleep. Specify along each activity, how much time you take in accomplishing each activity.



Have written down all of these information’s, now ask yourself if all the activities you do on a daily basis and the time you spend on each of them is working on helping you attain your goals. If that is the case, then great!! You are on track. However if it is not, then add to the mental techniques given above all the other techniques below.

First you have to define clear, specific and measurable goals. Be it yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals, and even hourly goals. List them out in writings.

Take time to plan your day in writings. It’s much preferable to take 10 minutes either at the end or at the start of each day to plan your day. This helps to guard you and helps you determine from your activities which one is urgent and which one is important. This will help you set priorities on every activity. Thus a To-do-List is imperative for effective time management (Be sure to always assign time to all your activities).

Next is focus on results and not on activities. Always ask yourself before each activity, what results are expected of me? Before every call or activity, take 5 minutes and ask yourself what results will I get from the call or activity. Practice not always answering the phone just because it is ringing. You must not always give all your attention to people anytime the come to you unless it is related to your business. In other to effectively manage your time, you must learn to get rid of all the social media distractions. They can wait on less they are related to your activity.

I know it will not be easy to apply all of the above but then in order to succeed you need to make some sacrifices and remain discipline in all your activities. Remember the 20/80 rule! 20% of what we do, accounts for 80% of the results we get.

Use this Effective Time Management techniques to achieve your goals.

Have Wonderful Journey My Friend.

Sidoine Felix M. Leudjie

The Guru


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